Lost canvas is the integration of almost every aspect of the universe into one perfect jigsaw puzzle. It is a journey of thought and information that takes the reader from the creation of time until today as we know it. The book sends the reader into a trip of thought and perception that will allow him to recognize how everything in the universe is related to each other, and how some aspects of our reality need to be viewed from a higher perspective in order to truly appreciate them as they really are.

The purpose of this book is to unite facts and beliefs in a very elegant way, to allow the reader to understand how there is truth in everything no matter how personal a topic might appear to be, and allow him to truly understand the real purpose of the human experience. Lost Canvas brings love & truth into places where many doubts and disbeliefs existed and by the time the reader is done progressing through the pages of this book, he will possess a higher, in depth perspective about reality and the world we live in. A new and clearer understanding about the universe, humanity, spirit, mind, and the self will be fathomed, and he will understand how everything is related to each other in a very graceful and eloquent way, from an objective point of view.